Cannonball Post Caps For 4x4 and 6x6 wood Post.

There have been several requests lately for Madison Iron and Wood to make a cannonball style wrought iron post cap for wood posts. We started out with a cannonball post cap for a 4x4 post, and customers loved them. Comments were that they added such beauty to their decks and complimented their black deck railing spindles that they could not imagine their deck without them. Given the very positive response to this line of post caps, we have decided to offer them for 6” post as well. Some customers had both 6” and 4” wood post and needed a complimentary 6x6 cannonball to go with their 4x4 cannonball post caps. If you love the traditional cannonball style post caps and would like to add a touch of wrought iron to your fence, deck, mailbox post, porch, wood yard bridge… then you are going to love our post caps.

Remember we don’t just offer cannonball style post caps, but a large selection of wrought iron post caps. Visit our store at or you can go to to look at our large selection of post caps and more. You can also reach us at

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