Now Offering Colors!!

We have been getting a lot of request for these color options. As you may or may not know, we powder coat our post caps in a premium ultra durable powder coat finish so they last a lifetime. This sometimes makes it a challenge with offering special colors because we won't just go buy a can of spray paint to paint your post caps. The painting process that we put our post caps through is very meticulous.

To paint your caps we first have to strip it of all of the oils that comes with the machining process, then shot blast the part so the paint has great adhesion (sticks to the surface of the metal).  We then paint with an environmentally friendly (no solvent based paints) electrostatically applied powder coat paint. After the paint is applied it is then transferred to an oven that will bake the powder on to form a thick, supper high impact, wear resistant coating that does not come with enamel type paints. 

We do offer our caps in bare metal as some people do like to put a nice rust patina on their post caps, but we also offer them in black, white and antique copper. While black is or most common color used, we have had a lot of request for white as people have their white picket fences, but want a nice decorative post cap to match.  The white also goes well with the beach themed fences or pool areas. We also started offering an antique copper finish. This color selection was due to many of our New Orleans Saints fans out there wanting them for their posts.  Now I'm not a New Orleans Saints fan:-) but I can empathize as I have made a Indianapolis Colts post cap (Horse Shoe) for myself. The antique copper paint has a premium wrinkle paint finish that is a dark copper color with a hint of black in the wrinkle finish. This gives the part a nice antique vineyard type look without having it actually rust. 

So, if you want a unique look to your fence, gate post, mailbox post, sign post or anywhere else you would want to put a post cap, check us out at or email us at  We would be happy to guide you to your perfect wrought iron post cap for your fence project.

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