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The Pineapple, a.k.a. Symbol of Hospitality

hospitality pineapple

Lately we've been noticing how many people love our pineapple-themed products. From our wrought iron pineapple post caps to our pineapple mailbox and gate décor, the sweet tropical fruit is a hot commodity at Madison Iron and Wood.

The pineapple has long been known in the South as an expression of hospitality and it has become an architectural cornerstone in many Southern cities. (Have you ever seen the beautiful iconic pineapple fountain in Charleston, South Carolina?)

Of course, we have Christopher Columbus to thank for bringing this rare delicious fruit over from Europe to our nation to present to the Royal Court. In later times throughout the American Colonies, it was quite rare to be able to provide fresh pineapple to guests so it became a status symbol. Consequently, the symbolic expression of hospitality that is the pineapple was born and continues today, especially in the South.

So next time you're looking for the perfect addition to your backyard, gate or entry way, consider adding a touch of pineapple class with a dash of Southern charm to make your guests feel welcome. Our pineapple creations here at Madison Iron and Wood are sure to do just that!

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