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Fleur de list post cap for 4x4 wood post

Fleur-De-Lis Post Cap for 4x4

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Decorative Wrought Iron Fleur-de-Lis Post Cap for 4x4 Wood Post

 Unique post cap design with the beautiful contrast of wrought iron and wood, these fleur de lis post caps are the perfect choice. Made for 4x4 wood fence post (3-1/2" actual size), they will make any outdoor fence, mailbox post, sign post, or just dyi post projects look amazing!

  •  Made of heavy duty steel and cast iron welded construction!
  • weighs 1lb 3oz and is 6-3/4" tall
  • Made for 4x4 wood post (3-1/2”x3-1/2” is the actual size of the inside of cap base)
  • Comes in a variety of colors in a premium outdoor duty, UV resistant, baked on powder coat paint unless you request them to be bare metal (some people like the rusty look).
  • Unique Budding Fleur-de-lis wrought iron pattern
  • Helps keep the birds off your fence or mailbox post

Why choose these post caps?

Choose wood post caps and they will crack or you will be repainting them within a couple of years.  Copper post caps fade and tarnish usually within a year as well.  LED solar lights will go bad within a year or two and you'll be replacing them as well. Do you really want to hassle with post caps after you put them on.  If you get our post caps, that is the last time you will worry about post caps because they will look good for a very long time.  We make our out of super tough steel and cast iron and then prepare and paint them with a premium UV resistant powder coat paint!  Once you put ours on your post, it is done, all it will do is set there and look beautiful. 

Note: Very square post will need slight rounding on edges

If you like this post cap, please see the full collection of post caps that we offer, you might find the perfect one.

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