About Us

Located in Madison, Indiana, overlooking the beautiful landscapes of the Ohio River, Madison Iron and Wood designs and fabricates artful steel products. Our owner, Chuck Stewart, worked for many years in many different professional positions from Army Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Energy Management, Engineer, Product Manager... But he always wanted to own a family business so that he can always be close to them. Chuck was a hobbyist wood worker and would love adding steel accents to wood projects and knew other woodworkers did to. His love of family and steel working pushed him to start his own business with his passion for creating.

Fast forward a few years and he is creating products daily with his two sons (Blaine and Ethan) and wife, (Chrissy) along with a few others.  We love being creative and filling needs for our customers whether if be a beautiful piece of metal artwork for their home, making a special post cap to adorn your fence, or designing a hard-to-get custom bracket to make a porch look amazing.  Whatever it is we can make it look amazing.