Post Cap Installation Instructions

Printable instructions:

Wood posts
Metal posts


Additional helpful information:

Post caps are not only decorative. They also provide protection for your posts. Uncapped wood posts commonly swell and contract, which could lead to the splitting of your posts. Exposure to the elements, bird droppings, and invasive insects often damage your posts and can even cause premature rotting. Our post caps are made to fit tight on the post, helping to "bind" the post to keep it from swelling too much so that when the post dries out, cracking or distorting will be limited. 

*When comparing our iron post caps to the ones at the big box stores, we highly recommend you do your homework prior to purchase. Copper post caps fade and discolor quickly. Wood post caps come apart and need constant repainting and attention. Plastic post caps discolor quickly and are not tough at all. LED post caps, while functional and pretty when new, do not last long and will likely need to be replaced in a couple years when components start failing. 

*Please double check your post measurements PRIOR to placing your post cap order. Most treated 4x4 wood posts are not actually 4"x4". This measurement represents the "nominal" size of the post, or the size of the post prior to being treated. After a post is treated and dries out, the actual post size shrinks to approximately 3.5" on each side. That being said, true 4"x4" posts do exist (usually hardwood posts that don't shrink upon treatment). Please confirm the actual size of your posts to ensure you order the cap size your posts require.

*Be aware that metal post caps have a slight radius on the inside corner of the post caps, so if you have very straight posts you will need to sand or shave the corners down slightly with a chisel, sandpaper, knife, or a power belt sander (for larger projects). Also, because Madison Iron and Wood caps are meant to fit tight, if your posts are already swelled or slightly water logged you may need to let the posts dry out a little so the swelling goes down or sand them down slightly. Sand down just enough for the post cap to go on, remember a tight fit is preferred.
Regardless of the installation method you choose (see printable instructions above), you won't be disappointed with the look of our Madison Iron and Wood post caps. Because our post caps are made of time tested wrought iron and steel along with a super tough and environmentally friendly powder coat finish, these post caps will long outlast your posts!
Don't get just any post cap. Get a forever post cap from Madison Iron and Wood. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions! We'll be glad to help.