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Big foot decoration

Big Foot 6x6 Wood Fence Post Cap


Big Foot Decorative Post Cap for 6x6 dimensional wood post (5-1/2" actual)

Let those Big Foot fellers feel at home around your place with big foot post caps that signifies that they are welcome. Great for giving those plain bland post a unique touch. Adds something unique for Mailbox Post tops or to decorate that log cabin look.

Made of heavy duty American made steel and finished in a variety of colors in a high quality powder coat paint with UV inhibitors so it won't fade.

• Made for 6x6 post 5-1/2”x5-1/2” Actual) - Please measure post - not all 6x6 wood post are 5-1/2"
- Most 6x6 pressure treated post that you get from a hardware store or lumber place are actually only 5-1/2"
- If post are a little over 5-1/2" when they are new they will typically shrink down in size when they dry out.
• These are hand crafted to your order so you know you are getting something truly unique.
• Very square post will need to shave corners off with utility knife or banging the edges with a hammer will do.
• Comes with drilled holes on side of post caps and matching screws to affix it to the post.

American Made, Family Business, Proud Veteran Made! - from Madison Iron and Wood

Please do not hesitate to contact me with further questions regarding this listing.
Thank you!!

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