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Budding Leaves Fence/Gate Panel Insert (Metal and Plastic Available)

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Color: Matte Black

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All orders are "made-to-order" which means we manufacture your fence panels once we get your order. For this reason we do not accept returns or cancelations past 12 hours of ordering. For more information please visit our Shipping and Returns page.

Fence and Gate Panel Inserts

An easy way to create an amazing fence, railing, or gate!

Budding Leaves Metal Fence/Gate Panel Insert


- 12" (H) x 24" (W)

- 12" (H) x 48" (W)

- 12" (H) x 60" (W)

(Custom Sizes Available Upon Request - Reach us at our Contact Us page)

Materials- 2 options:

- High Quality American made Steel - 12ga Steel finished in a super durable powdercoat finish in a variety of color options

- 1/2" Marine Grade HDPE Plastic Great for Coastal or Pool areas - Only available in White

About this product- All of our products are made in America in our shop in Madison, Indiana. We strive to make the best possible products for our customers and that begins with quality materials. We source all of our materials from America to insure we have the best quality materials from the start.

More Information

Panel Sizing

Panel Sizing

Fence Panels

We offer multiple length panels, but they are all 30 inches tall. We do this because the standard fence/railing is about 36" tall. These panels are made to be installed with a beam on top and bottom, so we decided to give 6" of clearance so the fence/railing could still be the standard 36" with our panels installed.

Stair Railings

Our stair railing panels follow standard sizing practices. The most common incline is 37 degrees, and the most common handrail is around 34 inches tall. We understand that not all staircases are built the same. If you need a different incline or hand rail height, please contact us for a quote!

Panel Materials

Panel Materials

Metal Option-

We use 12-gauge steel for our metal panels. This is about the thickness of a nickel and is super sturdy. We decided to make these thicker than other companies because they hold up longer and are very hard to bend, unlike other panels on the market. There are definitely cheaper options out there, but their quality will be much less than ours and will likely need to be replaced in a very short time.

Plastic Option-

Our plastic panels are made of 1/2" thick HDPE plastic. This plastic is commonly used for outdoor uses because of its anti-stick capabilities. We highly recommend if you are in a coastal area to use the plastic option. *Warning before ordering! These are only available in white, and paint does not adhere*

Why Choose Us for Your Fence?

Why Choose Us for Your Fence?

Our panel inserts are the easiest way to make a really ornate fence. There are three ways to install these panels and each one is very simple! They are also made in the USA, so the quality is much better than the cheap imported products. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!