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4x4 Standing Bear Post Cap

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Bear Post Cap for 4x4 dimensional wood post (3-1/2" actual)

Decorate your cabin post or outdoor pathway post with these decorative bear post caps. These decorative post caps are handmade and made to order so you know you are getting something unique and are very durable.

Did we mention that they are the toughest post caps you will get. If you want to replace your post caps in the future don't get these, These post caps are made to outlast your post.
- Made of heavy gauge steel and cast iron for toughness
- Finished in an outdoor duty premium baked on powder coat finish with UV inhibitors so that they stay as beautiful in the years to come as the day you bought them.

Post caps not only look decorative, but they help preserve the life of your beautiful project by not letting the tops rot from weather conditions and animal droppings.

• Made for 4x4 nominal size post (3-1/2”x3-1/2” Actual)
• The bear sets about 8" tall from the top of the post, and the inside is 3-1/2" wide, and will set down on your post 3/4"
• Painted in extremely durable powder paint or bare metal (which will rust) - several paint options available
• Unique decorative horse top pattern.

• Easily installed with a hole on two side of the post cap and matching powdercoated screws
• Install instruction are located on in a link on our home page. 
• These are hand crafted and made to order.

Note: Very square post will need slight rounding on edges.

Can be installed by using construction grade adhesive under cap (preferable), or you can choose for them to have holes drilled in them and they will come with matching powdercoated screws. - install instructions included with post cap.

American Made, Family Business, Proud Veteran Made! - Madison Iron and Wood

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