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Cutom Live Edge Wood and Metal Sign, Family Quote Sign

Cutom Live Edge Wood and Metal Sign, Family Quote Sign


Live Edge Inspirational Wall Décor.
I absolutely love making this piece. I start by taking a piece of rough cut live edge lumber, I then make the metal sign edges match the grain and contour of each piece and then I place an inspirational quote in it "Family - Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one."  The one thing I love about this is each customer gets a truly unique piece of art, as there are no two alike. That being said there is a disclaimer.. "There are no two alike" :-) So the picture you see may not always be what you get. When I sell each one I will try to put the one that you are getting on the last picture of this post, so you have some idea of what your getting, but if I sell them at the same time. I will message you to see if you want me to make another very similar item.
This sign would be a great gift for Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Christmas,... Lots of opportunity to show your love - especially to family.
Now some of the specifics:
 - This is rough cut live edge lumber. This means that it is cut right from a saw mill and is roughly 1" thick and typically very heavy.  The good thing about the lumber we use, is that it is just lumber cut from local tree trimmers that would otherwise use for firewood. So no forest stripping wood is being used to make your sign. The wood can be various species Indiana cut wood I can only use what we currently have at the time.  The wood is unfinished underneath as to preserve the rough lumber look
 - The sign is cut to the shape of the outside of the lumber, but offset some so you can see some of the grain.
- The metal on the sign is 16 gauge steel and is finished in a super durable and environmentally friendly powder coat finish. The finish options are Black, White, Antique Copper, and can also come as bare metal so you can let it rust naturally outside if you would like, or if you had your own color in mind. If you get this sign in bare metal there will be some grind marks on it from knocking the burs off of the edges of the sign around the cuts.
 - The sign is offset from the wood piece about 1/4" to give it a beautiful contrast to the wood.
- As this is custom - it will take about 1-2 weeks to finish, but normally just a week - The more custom you make it the more time it will probably take.
If you would like a custom saying on your sign or just want your family name... whatever it is. Let me know and I will work with you to make you a nice custom sign. The board widths vary quite a bit, but I can cut up to 6 ft of board length and sign length. So if you want a really long sign to put above a window seal an entrance, I can do that as well. Just message me for a quote.
Made in America by proud Veteran!

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