Epoxy, Loctite Brand Instant Mix Epoxy

Epoxy, Loctite Brand Instant Mix Epoxy

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This Loctite brand epoxy is what we at Madison Iron and Wood would recommend for affixing our cast iron post caps to Aluminum or metal post. The great thing about using epoxy for setting the caps on the post is not only do they secure them without the need to weld, but they also keep a water tight seal so that the elements don reach to top of your post and start to erode the paint from the unprotected metal at the top of your post. This epoxy is a two part epoxy and comes with its own mixing tube for ease of use. Just clean the tops or your post, and apply this epoxy to the inside edges of the cap or to the top of the post and press into place. No need to continue to hold pressure on it after it is set in place. Directions for use on back of package.

-Loctite brand instant mix epoxy

-.47 FL. OZ

-Enough epoxy for approximately 6 caps (depends on cap size).


Installation instructions

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