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Harp Post Cap

Harp 4x4 Post Cap

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Decorative Wrought Iron Harp post cap for 4x4 Wood/Composite Post

These fence post caps/tops can add character to any fence or deck project. Made of welded construction and heavy cast iron they will add a unique touch to any fence.  Why have just a bland cut off fence top or use plastic or wood that can crack when you can add an artistic wrought iron touch to your wood fence. Can also be used for a mailbox post top.
• Made of heavy duty steel and cast iron welded construction.
• Weights almost 1lb and is 7" tall (including base)
• Made for 4x4 wood or composite post (cap inside dimension is 3-1/2”x3-1/2” Actual) - made for a very tight fit so that it will not easily come off.
• Finished in a variety of colors in an extremely durable powdercoat finish

• Comes with holes in the side and matching powdered coat screws to affix to post

• Installation instructions are available on the bottom of our home page
  •  Unique Lyre spear top cast iron pattern
Note: Very square post will need slight rounding on edges, or older post that have swelled may need to be sanded slightly on edges for proper fit.

If you like this wrought iron post cap please check out my other offerings. I have quite a selection to choose from so that you can find the perfect one for your project:-)

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