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10 Ways to Make Your Dream Yard

Here is a short list of some great ideas to improve your yard landscape! Also, we have included some ideas that could use Madison Iron and Wood products. We hope you can use some of these amazing landscaping ideas in your yard. We would love to see any of these ideas in action, so feel free to send us any pictures of your projects!

    Not all play sets are eyesores! This is a great idea to include a fun play area while also not disturbing the aesthetic of your yard! You want these to be built the best way possible. We suggest adding our joist hanger brackets to make this 100% safe for your kiddos!


    This is a big one, but it would completely change you backyard. Not only does it make grilling easier, but it brings everyone outside which will make you want to make your yard even better! We love the ones that include a grill and a small bbq area!


    We LOVE BBQ areas! There's endless possibilities with this project. You can have grills, smokers, pizza ovens... We believe that a great backyard is built around a great BBQ area!


    We love the look of these gardens. They are easy to make, and they can add a very decorative touch to your yard! Hope you have a green thumb! Use our herb garden sign and corner brackets to make it look even better!


    Firepits are really easy to make! You can use any type of rock or blocks to get the perfect look! We love the modern look that these cinder blocks make and it would match any gravel or paved patio! You can also make an cool bench surrounding the pit with more blocks and wood beams!


    There is always room for a bar! Outdoor bars are great for a get together or a nice dinner! These can have all the cool features of a normal bar or just a regular tabletop, either way they are a great addition.


    This is SUPER easy and it will completely change the look of your yard. The hardest part is just installing the rings and that's simple! If you would like it even more decorative, check out our rope holders!


    A classic but great way to make a walking path in your yard or garden. We have had many customers use our rope holders to make a decorative guide rope along the sides of the walkway too! These are easy to install and look amazing!


    Need more privacy in your yard? These pine trees are a great way to get the privacy you need while also making your yard look even better!


    A simple way to make your yard look amazing when the sun goes down! All you need is waterproof strip lights! Just tuck them next to or under the border of your garden and plug them in!

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