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Perfect Post Cap for Your Home Style

If you are wondering what post cap goes best with your home style, this blog should answer all your questions!

Don't see your home style? Message us and we will give you our best suggestion for your home!

French House Style

French style homes often have steep pitched roofs and narrow windows.

Our Fleur De Lis post cap pairs well with all the common accessories on a French style home.

Cape Cod House Style

The Cape Cod style commonly has a steep roofline, multi-pane windows, and wood siding. Typically no more than one story tall.

Our Candelabra post cap goes best with this house style. We have seen many customers use this post cap and it always puts a great touch to their cape cod style landscape.

Colonial House Style

There are many post caps that would look great with colonial style homes. These houses are usually very symmetrical with the front door in the center with an even amount of windows on either side.

Although a lot of post caps would go great with this style, we believe the best would be our spiral ball post cap.

Victorian House Style

Victorian houses are some of the most unique homes out there. They typically have very steep roofs, patterned shingles, and a front facing gable.

We have a few post caps that would go great with this home style, but the best would be our Victorian post cap (obviously).

Craftsman House Style

Craftsman house style homes typically have low pitches roofs, exposed beams, and tapered square beams. This home style is one of our favorites!

Our quad spear post cap would look great with this home.

Cottage House Style

This is one of the more common house styles on our list. The cottage house style typically has a steep pitched roof, arched doors, and small paned windows.

The best post cap for this house style is our fairy post cap.

Greek Revival House Style

The Greek Revival house style is one of the most elegant home styles. They commonly have low pitched roofs and large eye-catching columns.

The best post cap for this style is our roman spear post cap.

Barndominium House Style

This house style is quickly rising in popularity. These homes are easy and quick to build, but we often see that the landscape is lacking.

If your bardominium is lacking style, use our horseshoe post cap!

Cabin House Style

The Cabin house style is often seen in the midwest and surprisingly has some of the most eye-catching features.

Like many other house styles, it's hard to narrow our selection down to just 1 post cap. But we believe our walking bear post cap would go best with the cabin style.

There are many more home styles that our post caps look great with! Click below to see out full selection!