Nottingham Fence Post Cap
4x4 wrought iron post cap yard decoration
decorative wrought iron post cap
Black Fence post cap for 4x4 wood post
available madison iron and wood colors
4x4 Nottingham Post Cap
4x4 Nottingham Post Cap
mounting holes included on post cap

4x4 Nottingham Post Cap

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Wrought Iron Nottingham Top Fence Post Cap

Made of Heavy gauge steel and wrought iron and protected by a super tough powder coat finish, these post caps are not your typical post caps that you find at Lowes or Home Depot. Not only will the wrought iron bring character and beauty to your fence, but it will outlast any other post cap in beauty and toughness. Did you know that post caps help keep your post from rotting or swelling and increase the life of your post. Why have just a bland cut off fence top or use plastic or wood that can crack? You can add an artistic wrought iron touch to your wood fence post, mailbox post, or sign post and really make it beautiful.  This top is called the Nottingham top due to its large Foresty shape with the Acorn Spearing the top.
• Made of heavy duty thick gauge steel and cast iron welded construction! - You will not hurt this post cap.
• Made for 4x4 wood or composite post (3-1/2”x3-1/2” Actual)
• Painted in heavy duty baked on powder coat Black (can come as bare metal if requested)
• More quantities can be made if requested – some extra time will be required that way you know your getting something truly unique.
• Unique Nottingham cast iron pattern
• Total height is 6” tall and weights almost 2lbs!
• Easily installed with a hole on two side of the post cap and matching powdercoated screws
Install instruction are located on in a link on our home page. 
Note: These post caps are meant to be tight around the post top so as to bind the post to keep it from swelling and cracking. If your post are already slightly swelled or "water logged" you may have to sand some off the top or let it dry out a little before installing. If your post are really square, you may have to sand the corners down some.


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