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Question: What size post cap do I need for my 4x4 fence post?

Answer: It depends on what material your post is made of.

A metal post is true to size. Most 4x4 metal/iron/steel posts actually measure 4" by 4". Of course, you should measure prior to placing your order to be safe. FYI, our post caps for metal posts have a base made of cast iron rather than the steel bases used for wood posts.

For most wood posts, however, the term "four by four" actually refers to the post's nominal size. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but that "4x4" wood post in your yard likely does not measure 4 inches by 4 inches. This is because when a lumber mill first produces a board, it is wet and rough cut and this is when it measures approximately 4" x 4" (nominal size). However, once it dries out it shrinks. It shrinks even further when its rough finish gets smoothed out in a planer. The end result is a post that actually measures approximately 3.5" by 3.5" (actual size).

To complicate things even further, a post will tend to swell over time if it isn't properly capped. Therefore, older posts might require some shaving when being capped for the first time. This could also be true for brand new posts that haven't fully dried out. Therefore, when placing a post cap order for your wood posts, you will usually want to order the nominal (aka dimensional) 4x4 post caps that actually measure 3.5". (This usually holds true for posts made of composite materials as well.) However, we always suggest that you measure your posts prior to placing your order to be sure you're getting the right size. There are some hardwood species that measure closer to 4" actual size because they do not shrink as much as softer woods such as pine, which is the most popular wood used in making posts.

These guidelines should generally apply to 6x6 posts as well. Metal posts actually measure 6", but wood/composite posts are closer to 5.5" actual measurement. In addition, metal posts are also commonly made in smaller sizes, such as 1.5", 2", 2.5" and 3", which we do sell.


Question: When will I receive my order?

Answer: We make every order as it is received, which is what makes your specific item special. Therefore, we keep very little inventory in stock. Most non-custom orders ship within a week. Custom orders usually require a little more production time. Please contact us if you have a time constraint and we will be happy to provide you an estimated time of shipment for your specific order.


Question: Can I return my order?

Answer: Please see our Damage and Return Policies page.


Question: I see a 4x4 post cap that I like but I need it in a 6x6 size. Can I get this particular style in a different size?

Answer: Most of the time the answer is yes. Please contact us and we will be happy to create a special order for you.


Question: How do I securely install the post caps to my posts?

Answer: We recommend the use of construction grade adhesive for wood or composite posts and general grade epoxy for metal posts. While these products are available at your local hardware store, we also have them listed for sale here for your convenience. (Just click on the type above and you will be taken to the appropriate listing.) Using these adhesives will keep your post caps securely attached to your posts. However, if you'd prefer even further security (if theft might be an issue, for example), we also offer an option to add holes and matching screws to your cap(s). If you do not see this option, please let us know prior to placing your order and we will be sure to add the option asap. FYI - detailed installation instructions will be included with your order, but you can also find them here: Wood posts instructions, Metal posts instructions