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How to Install Your Post Caps

Post cap installation made easy! Follow this step-by-step guide to install your caps and protect your post!

Note: Our post caps are made to fit tight so as to "bind" the post to reduce cracking and splitting when the post swells and contracts throughout the season.

Step 1

Preparing the Post
Our post caps are made to fit a standard post tight so as to give a good appearance and to help prevent cracking. Some pressure treated post may be swollen (especially new ones) because they are holding a lot of moisture. Give them a few dry days and they will most likely shrink up to a 1/4" and fit fine, But if you are in a hurry some sanding may be needed.
Also you will need to round the corners if your post comes with sharp corners. This can be done by smacking the corners with a hammer, using a utility knife to just nip the corners off or use a rasp/file.
What if my Posts are too Big?
There are many issues that may cause your post to measure larger than the standard post sizing for nominal post. Some of these are:
- You have new post which may be wet and swollen - These will typically dry out with time and a few dry days
- You have old swelled and cracked post - These may need sanded down
- You have true sized post or a non-standard hardwood post - You would need a custom or true sized post cap for these.
We have a blog post that covers wood sizing on our website if you would like to learn more - but while it doesn't happen alot (especially in the summer months) these instances are outside of our control which is why we urge our customers to measure their post.

Step 2

Use the included screws to secure your cap to the post. This will ensure that your post will never fall off or get stolen!

Another Creative Way To Install Your Post Caps

Here's a neat video from one of our customers! Check out his YouTube video and channel, he has a lot of great and informative videos!