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Custom Color Lag Bolts and Washers for Wood Brackets - 10 Count

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Matching Lag Bolts and Washers - 10 pc qty/ order

Lag Bolts to match bracket colors, If you order brackets in a color other than Black and want lag bolts to match the bracket color just order The lag bolts in "Color". If you did not order brackets and just want the colored lag bolts, please look at the color chart in the next picture for color availability and put the color you want in the order comments.

-These lag screws come in 1/4", 5/16",  3/8" and 1/2", in various lengths. 
-The Heads of the lag screws come in a variety of different colors.
- Price is listed for qty of 10
-Primarily used to match our Straight, T, L, and X brackets.

*Grade bolts are 307A if you need a different grade please ask for quote
*Please note bolts are powdercoated over zinc plated finish. When driving them on with a socket  - predrilling is suggested to keep the integrity of your bolts and lumber
*In order to keep a good finish on your bolts we suggest using a 6 point socket as a 12 point socket may mar the finish.