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Deer Post Cap

Deer Post Cap 4X4

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Deer Post Cap, 4x4 Dimensional wood post (3-1/2" actual)

The Deer Post cap will make quite a difference over those plain old post caps and match that outdoor decor.  Great for Fence post, stair rail post, porch decor on that "woods" cabin, or just to put on your mailbox post. 

Buck Post Cap for 4x4 dimensional wood post (3-1/2" actual)

Stag fence post topper is about 4-1/2" tall and 4-1/2" wide

Made of heavy duty steel and cast iron and finished in a variety of colors in a high quality powder coat paint with UV inhibitors so it won't fade.

• Made for 4x4 post (3-1/2”x3-1/2” Actual) - Please measure post - not all 4x4 wood post are 3-1/2"
- Most 4x4 pressure treated post that you get from a hardware store or lumber place are actually only 3-1/2"
- If post are a little over 3-1/2" when they are new they will typically shrink down in size when they dry out.
• These are hand crafted to your order so you know you are getting something truly unique.
• Very square post will need to shave corners off with utility knife or banging the edges with a hammer will do.
• Comes with drilled holes on side of post caps and matching screws to affix it to the post.

American Made, Family Business, Proud Veteran Made! - from Madison Iron and Wood

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