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Hammered Iron Stem Candle Holder, Wall Mounted Rustic Candle Scone,

Hammered Iron Stem Candle Holder, Wall Mounted Rustic Candle Scone,

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Beautifully designed candle holder with hammered Iron stem attached to decorative rosette.
Comes in a variety of powdercoat options for long outdoor life or it comes with a light coating finish so that it will rust gradually and decoratively over time.
I made these for my wife, but everybody that walked by them fell in love with them so they are being offered to you. Measures 8" tall and stands out 4" from the wall. Accepts a 2-1/2" pillar candle (white pillar candle included). Pictures don't do this justice and you will need to buy more than just one :-)  They look absolutely gorgeous when lined down a series of wood poles adorned by area flowers. These are not your cheap wall hangers, these are heavy duty solid wrought iron pieces that will last for a lifetime. Comes coated with a light protectant but can be powder coated if desired. Once you bolt these to the wall you won't be disappointed in their beauty.
- 8"Tall x 3" Wide, stands out from wall 4"
- Comes with white pillar candle and 2 wood screws
- Painted with light protectant (will rust over time outdoors) - or can be powder coated 
- Wrought iron hammered steam with 3" candle dish and beautiful rosette



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