How to make a mailbox post in 10 quick steps!

Your mailbox post will need to be the following dimensions:
And you will need these tools:
  • (2) 4x4 wood posts measuring at least 72 1/2" long     
  • 3" deck screws                                                                   
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Rasp
  • Square
  • Wood glue
  • Circular saw
  • Tape measurer
  • Pencil
  • Quickrete
  • Post hole digger
Step 1:
Mark all measurements (follow blueprint at the top of the page). Use your square to make sure all your cut lines are straight.
Step 2:
Adjust your circular saw to the 1 3/4" mark you made earlier, then make multiple cuts in the marked section until there are only thin slices of wood remaining.


Step 3:

Use a hammer and a wood chisel to knock out the remaining pieces of wood. They should break off fairly easily.


Step 4:

Use your wood chisel and rasp to smooth out the remaining pieces. It is very important to make these as even as possible.


Step 5:

Spread wood glue generously on both posts and join both together.


Step 6:

Screw the pieces together. In the pictures I put 2 screws in the corners of one side and 1 in the middle on the other side. I also recommend pre-drilling a small hole (shown in first picture) before you insert the screws, as this will prevent the wood from cracking when you insert the screws.


Step 7 (optional):

Apply a coat of wood stain. This will make the pieces more closely match and make the post look more complete. Use a rag to apply the stain to the post. Apply more stain for a darker finish.


Step 8:

Attach your mailbox to the post using a mailbox mounting plate, making sure to leave some room at the end for the door to open properly. You should also leave some room between the back of the mailbox and the post.


Step 9:

Use your post hole digger to dig a 6" wide by 16" deep hole. (The depth might vary depending on how long your post is and how tall you need the mailbox to be off the ground). 


Step 10:

Set your post and pour the Quikrete in the hole. Use a level or use the level on your phone to make sure the post is straight.

Now that you have your mailbox set up, you will want to make it the envy of your neighborhood by adding some decorative iron decor as the perfect finishing touch! Here is a comparison of the plain post we just made compared to others we've made in the past. Everything you see here is available now on our website!



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