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How To Tie Off a Nautical Rope Fence

Question: What size diameter of rope do I need?

Answer: Typically, you want to use the largest size
within your budget for the project. If you have a 4x4 post that is typically
1-¼" - 1-½" Diameter; For a 6x6 post that is 1-½" - 2” Diameter.


Question: How much rope do I need for my project?

Answer: This depends on what kind of sag you are
looking for in your project.  To figure
this out you can take a tape measure and run it from one post to the next then
add slack until you reach the desired look you want to achieve. For most people
they usually like about 3” in slack in the rope from one post to the next. Take
the overall length and then add in the additional inches for the sag.


Question: How do I calculate the amount of rope I
will need to wrap a round post?

Answer: Multiple the diameter (width) of the post
times 3.14 (π). Use the
centerline of the rope by adding the diameter of the rope to the diameter of
the post.


Post diameter:                          9.5”

Plus rope diameter:                   +2”

Centerline of rope=                    11.5”

Diameter (11.5) x 3.14 = Length (36”)

*Approximately 36” to get around the post 1 time


Question: How do I cut my rope if I do not need the
entire length?

Answer: If you need to cut the rope, you can use a
rope hot cutter available at hardware stores or normal household tools, if you
do not want to invest in tools that you won’t likely use again. Using a household tools such as electric tape, a serrated
knife and a hot non-stick skillet will also work. First you want to wrap the
end tightly at the point you want to cut and then use a serrated knife to cut
the end to the desired length. Next you want to seal it, place the cut wrapped
end on a hot skillet to melt the end and seal it.


Question: How do I attach or tie-off the rope at the
end post?

Answer: There are several different options, we have
three options below.