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Summer Home Improvement Projects

Here are some really neat home improvement projects that will get your home and yard looking great this summer! All of these projects will have Madison Iron and Wood products incorporated into them to make them look amazing!

    We have had a few customers make these neat patio bed swings and they always come out great! This is one of our favorite patio projects and it would be great on any patio. All of our customers use our heavy-duty rings to tie the ropes to the ceiling. One customer held the whole bed by just 1 ring! (Although this shows how truly strong our rings are, we still recommend using at least 2.)


    We love these rustic tables. They are always the centerpiece of a patio or dining room. We love how this customer used out standard and furniture brackets! It made the table look so good!


    We love the look of pergolas! They are perfect for outdoor living and make your whole backyard look amazing. These can be built in many ways and with many different materials. Our favorites are made with stone or brick foundations with large 6x6 wood posts. We have seen our brackets used on many of these projects and they always add a great aesthetic touch and also add extra structural integrity!


    We love the look of these gardens. They are easy to make, and they can add a very decorative touch to your yard! Hope you have a green thumb! Use our herb garden sign and corner brackets to make it look even better!


    Our mailbox kits are a simple way to have the most standout mailbox in your neighborhood! They are very easy to install, and they look AMAZING! We promise that you don't have to be a handyman to install these, all you need is a drill!


    Rope fences are a easy yet very decorative accent to any landscape. You can use it as a stair railing or just a guide fence around a garden or walkway. You can also add string lights to light up your walkway at night, how cool is that?


    Everyone loves grilling outside, why not make a great area for grilling? Perfect for all those summer nights and hot summer days. Adding the pergola will add shade and look super neat! Our T-brackets add great support and give it a neat industrial touch.

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