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Véritable capuchon de poteau en fer forgé Fleur-De-Lis 4x4

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Material Information

Our post caps are made from solid American sourced steel. The flat finials are made from 12 gauge steel and the non-flat finials are made with wrought iron. Both are great for indoor and outdoor use!

Delivery and Shipping

Processing - 3-5 Business Days

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Shipping - 3-5 Days

All orders are "made-to-order" which means we manufacture your post caps after you purchase them. For more information please visit our Shipping and Returns page.

Why You Should Use a Post Cap

Post caps add a much-needed cover for the most vulnerable spot on your wood posts. Without a cap, your wood posts are exposed to water, bugs, ice... which can destroy your post from the top, down. As a result of using a post topper, your post will stay looking better for longer. Not to mention, fences are EXPENSIVE. Using a post cap will prolong the life of your fence which will save you a lot of money in the future!

True Sized Post Cap

Please measure your post to ensure this will fit your post

Capuchon de poteau décoratif en fer forgé fleur de lys pour véritable poteau 4x4

Décoratif et magnifique, ce capuchon de poteau Fleur De Lis ajoutera beauté et charme à votre clôture en métal, bois ou aluminium. Embellissez votre clôture en remplaçant ces capuchons de poteaux plats et fades par ces magnifiques capuchons de poteaux fabriqués à la main. Vous serez surpris de voir à quel point cela change réellement l’apparence générale de votre clôture. Vous pouvez transformer une clôture droite autrement fade en une clôture joliment décorée, ou vous pouvez prendre la clôture joliment décorée et détaillée et ajouter encore plus de caractère.

s'adapte à n'importe quelle taille de poteau réelle de 4 x 4" (aluminium, acier ou bois). Enduit d'un revêtement en poudre ultra résistant, peut être installé en quelques minutes simplement en utilisant de l'époxy à l'intérieur du capuchon (non inclus). Également option pour avoir un pré- trous percés placés dans des capuchons avec des vis peintes assorties pour plus de sécurité.
• Fabriqué en fonte robuste avec un revêtement en poudre extrêmement durable et durable.
• Conçu pour n'importe quel poteau en aluminium, en métal ou en bois de taille réelle 4x4 - Veuillez mesurer. - S'il s'agit d'un poteau en bois, certaines tailles sont en fait de 3-1/2"x3-1/2" - si vous avez besoin de cette taille, veuillez consulter mon article pour un capuchon de poteau fleur de lys pour poteau en bois.
• Peint avec une peinture en poudre extrêmement durable avec des options de couleurs disponibles. Peut être livré en métal nu, car certains clients aiment laisser le leur rouiller naturellement.
• Tête de lance en forme de fleur de lys unique en fonte – la forme pointue aide à éloigner les oiseaux du poteau.
• Installation simple en utilisant simplement de l'époxy ou un adhésif de qualité construction
Si vous aimez ce capuchon de poteau, veuillez consulter mes autres capuchons de poteau en fer forgé fabriqués par Madison Iron and Wood.
N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour d'autres questions concernant cette annonce.

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More Information

Post Cap Sizing

4x4 Post Caps

Our 4x4 fence post cap is made to fit nominal sized posts (3.5" x 3.5"). Common fence posts are nominal sized but we always recommend double checking before ordering. If your post is a true 4x4, please view our True 4x4 Post Cap collection.

6x6 Post Caps

Just like our 4x4 cap, our 6x6 fence post cap is made to fit a nominal sized post (5.5" x 5.5"). We also have a True 6x6 Post Cap collection. Decorative 6x6 post toppers

4x6 Post Caps

Our 4x6 post cap is made to fit a nominal 4"x6" post (3.5"x5.5"). Unfortunately, we do not offer a true 4x6 post cap due to its odd size.

Post Toppers

Our fence post toppers are made to bolt onto the top of any type of wood post. Although they don't add as much protection as our fence post caps, they still keep some water and bugs out while adding a very decorative metal touch to your posts! Instillation is easy for these. All you need to do is place them on your post and secure them with our color matching screws.

Our metal post caps are made to fit tight so your fence post, mailbox post... will stay looking new for longer. As a result of this, some trimming of the post may be necessary. Installation Instructions are included in each package and is also on our website.

Post Cap Materials

Our post caps are made of solid, pressed steal, made in the USA. The decorative finial is made of either steel or wrought iron (depending on the style of the post topper).

Each post cap includes color matching, stainless steel hardware to securely mount your cap to your fence post.

Why Choose Us For Your Fence?

Why should you choose us to improve the look of your home? It's simple! We make the best fence post caps on the market! (Yes, we are a little biased.) If your fence needs a little soul, our metal post caps add just what you are looking for. Our manufacturing provides the highest quality possible. From welding to painting, we have perfected the processes and as a result we have transformed wood fences, metal fences, and composite fences all over America.

Wood Fence Posts

Our post caps allow you to add a metal touch to your wooden fence and posts. If you have a fence with wood posts check out our nominal sized post caps. (4x4 Link) (6x6 Link) (4x6 Link)

Wrought Iron Fences

We have the perfect sized post caps for wrought iron metal fences. Be careful, not all of our post caps are made to fit wrought iron fencing. Check out our True Sized Post Caps to find one to fit your metal post and fence.

Steel Fence Post

The most uncommon type of fence post, but much like the wrought iron fence. Iron metal fences are typically true-to-size so they will also need our True Sized Post Caps.