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Standard Brackets for 6" Boards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Should Use Brackets

Why You Should Use Brackets?

Brackets offer an opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of exposed beams while providing functional support. Choosing brackets that complement the style and design of your space can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a cohesive look. Whether you opt for sleek industrial style brackets or for a more ornate style, decorative brackets can accentuate the beauty of the exposed beams while ensuring their longevity. Additionally, brackets allow for customization in terms of placement and design, enabling you to tailor the support system to fit the unique characteristics and requirements of your space. In essence, while brackets may seem like a small detail, their significance in preserving the structural integrity and enhancing the visual appeal of exposed beams cannot be overstated.

How Thick of Brackets Should I Order?

How Thick of Brackets Should I Order?

The thickness of brackets that you need depends on the purpose they are serving. We typically only recommend the 12-gauge option for decorative purposes only. While 12-gauge is still really sturdy, it will not hold up to the weight of a roof if the truss's are relying on the brackets to support it. If you are looking for a more supportive option, we highly recommend our 1/4" option. 1/4" is usually more than enough support for any job it is faced with. Trust us when we say they are heavy-duty.

If you aren't sure what thickness of brackets best suit your purpose, we highly recommend you contacting a local contractor. We do not have any guarantee on the weight that each bracket can hold nor that they will meet all local area codes. If you are unsure in anyway of your building's structural integrity, contact a contractor first as our brackets only serve as decoration and *added* support.

Is Hardware Provided with The Brackets?

Is Hardware Provided with The Brackets?

No, bolts and washers are sold separately. You can find the listing here. As long as you order them in the same color as your brackets, they will be color matched.